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I have the honour to participate in the collection exhibition at beautiful Gallery Axel in Stockholm. The image is my favorite one from the newly published book Mayfly. Please, come and see the works of so many talented photographers next week!
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I recently returned from eastern Congo where I visited the Panzi Hospital and the transit accommodation Maison Dorcas among others. The sexual violence in DR Congo is brutal, massive and affects everyone regardless off age. I met several women who told me about the horrific abuses they suffered. But still, they had hope and faith for the future. Maison Dorcas is a fantastic place where the women can heal and get different skills to become subsistence. Neema Iruki Joice, 20 years today lives at Maison Dorcas. When she arrived, she was deeply depressed. Today she is a strong, charismatic woman with bright thoughts of the future. When she returns back home she will start her own sewing buisness.
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Finally my lates book Mayfly arrived. Bookrelease coming soon!
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