Recently, I was contacted by inspiring Alexandra Andersson
who has started Sweden's first and only podcast about female photographers. I had the honor to be interviewed and we had a long and interesting conversation about gender roles in the photography profession. For example, we talked about why female photographers rarely have mentioned in history and much more.
Listen here:

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This week the travel magazine RES published a nine page long story from Madagascar, that I and Maria did one year ago. It's very rare that I'm satisfied with a job but this time it looked really good. 
Yesterday, my work on the Swedish Radio and Swedish Television ended and the life as a freelancer takes over again. I will miss all the nice colleagues but hopefully I will see them again soon.
Tonight it's time to pack the bag for a short trip to Portugal.
I and Maria will spend a few days writing about their drug policy. It will be a long story in Situation Stockholm's december issue. After that, we will start planning the next trip that goes around Lake Victoria. What have I done to deserve this job? Happiness...

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Today I was interviewed by The Swedish Radio about taking pictures with the phone. Hope my tips can help someone. Here it comes:

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I am very honored to photograph Ilon Wikland, the illustrator of the famous author Astrid Lindgren's books. The article is for Finnish YLE and will be published in the fall. To meet such an extremely talented illustrator that meant a lot for children's literature felt special. When I suggested one of my picture ideas she looked skeptically at me and asked if the wall color really suited her salmon pink dress. She knows what she does that woman and probably she was right in my doubtful color choice. I do not know if she will like the pictures but I think I managed to capture parts of her soul. At least as I perceived her, as a intelligent woman with high integrity, pending and at the same time sensible. 

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A couple of weeks ago my exhibition about my dad moved to NevaBooks in Rimforsa. I received a nice little review from Corren. The book and the exhibition was a love explanation to my father and I wanted to give the book to him at the 70th anniversary.


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