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I am so happy that so many came and visited the exhibition "The women on Meri Seif - voices from a bus", at Black Door Gallery. An unforgettable weekend with many beautiful meetings. 

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On Saturday, me and Maria Hagstroem exhibit "The women on Meri Seif - voices from a bus", at Black Door Gallery, Sweden.

In Papua New Guinea, sexual violence is a humanitarian crisis. According to Human Right Watch, the country is one of the most dangerous in the world for women to live in. In the city's public buses, women are often exposed to harassment; a recent survey found that 90 percent of women in Papua New Guinea had endured harassment. As a result three women buses, Meri Seif, are driving Port Moresby's streets. They are run by the Ginigoada Foundation, supported by UN Women.

Hundreds of women travel daily on the buses, which are free and have female drivers. The travelers come from different cultures, tribes and speak various languages, but on the bus they enjoy a danger free zone together. Without the Meri Seif bus many women say they wouldn’t leave the house for fear of being harassed.

We have been travelling with the buses for a week in Port Moresby, from dawn to dusk, rush hour traffic to the sleepy afternoon. We met ladies going to the market, school girls on their way home and a woman – rejected from her family – who every day goes to get a free meal. 

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