A few years ago I bought the photo book "The place of no roads" by the Finnish photographer Ville Lenkkeri. The book depicts the former Russian / Soviet mining pyramid in Svalbard. Since I bought that book I wanted to visit Svalbard and the Pyramid. Now I've been there and it is one of the most fascinating places I've been to.

Getting to the Pyramid is like visiting a ghost town where only the traces of a bygone era remain. Wither flowers, old clothes, documents and furniture testify that the place once was a living place with school, mining and a vision of a utopian society where no money was spent and where everyone would be treated equally. But reality is as everyone knows not as utopian. The residents of the island did not have the same conditions, the directors did not live as crowded as the families, for example. Today, around 15 people live in the Pyramid. During the summer months, the sun never goes down unlike the winter when the island is covered in compact darkness. I get so curious about the people who live there, how do they survive the winter and how did they end up there? What motivates them to stay? One day I want to go back and find out.

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