Two years ago, I visited Gustavsberg's Naturist Camping in Nora. It all started with my photo project about bodies. Several of the participants in the project are naturists. One led to the other and soon I had a chance to visit the nudist camp invitated by Leif Bolander (on the picture). I thought the images could be used for my project and defied my fears. Perhaps it's one of the bravestest things I've done. Wearing clothes was not an option, it would have feelt disrespectful. I wanted to play with open cards and meet on the same terms. I remember the first time I took off my clothes and exposed my badnesses. The feeling when I took a deep breath and stepped into the crowded sauna. I stayed for a week and was greeted by an extremely nice community.That week in July 2012 will remain one of my strongest memories. 

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