Summer light

I love the light during late summer when the sun begins to go down and the hard daylight diminishes. Even more beautiful is the early dawn of light in the summer mornings. Unfortunately, I rarely get up on time to capture it. However, I remember an early morning a couple of years ago. I wanted to photograph daddy in the meadow just as the sun began to rise above the horizon. I think the clock was four in the morning. I slept in the little cottage and dad knocked on to wake me up. Then we went out on the highway and walked out on the meadow. The grass was wet from the dew and the air was cool. I asked my dad to take off his shirt to get the pictures I wanted. Then I photographed plenty of film rolls with my taped intermediate format camera. For each picture, it sounded like the camera was breaking. Otherwise, the silence was striking. As the sun rose over the spruce we returned back home.
Tags: fotominnen

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