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Recently, I was contacted by inspiring Alexandra Andersson
who has started Sweden's first and only podcast about female photographers. I had the honor to be interviewed and we had a long and interesting conversation about gender roles in the photography profession. For example, we talked about why female photographers rarely have mentioned in history and much more.
Listen here:

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This week the travel magazine RES published a nine page long story from Madagascar, that I and Maria did one year ago. It's very rare that I'm satisfied with a job but this time it looked really good. 
Yesterday, my work on the Swedish Radio and Swedish Television ended and the life as a freelancer takes over again. I will miss all the nice colleagues but hopefully I will see them again soon.
Tonight it's time to pack the bag for a short trip to Portugal.
I and Maria will spend a few days writing about their drug policy. It will be a long story in Situation Stockholm's december issue. After that, we will start planning the next trip that goes around Lake Victoria. What have I done to deserve this job? Happiness...

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