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Last spring, I and Maria Hagström traveled to Brazil and Bolivia. One of the stories was about a center for raped women in Cochabamba, Bolivia. About 1 in five girls were raped in Bolivia, often by a family member or by some close relative. At Brisa Center, they receive children who have been raped. Here they can get help with psychological and legal assistance. They do an incredibly nice work at Brisa Center and despite the traumatic experiences that the children had gone through, there was a positive atmosphere there.

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Fotograf och copyright: Åsa Sjöström Fotograf och copyright: Åsa Sjöström

The brilliant photographer Åsa Sjöström has taken an amazing series of pictures called "Borderland Children". The pictures are taken in Moldova.

Check them out on Moment's website here:

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Would highly recommend Thomas Wågström's latest photo book Nackar. A poetic and very beautiful depiction of different nodes. The author Karl Ove Knausgård has written a nice text to the book.

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