Målning och copyright: Aleah Chapin Målning och copyright: Aleah Chapin

For a long time I have worked with a photo project about bodies. From the beginning, the idea was to photograph all possible bodies with flaws and show them as gigantic prints on galleries. Unfortunately, I'm stuck and do not really come forward with the project. To photograph naked bodies in a new and interesting way is extremely difficult. It has been done countless times before, while nudity is linked with so many values ​​that are interpreted when viewing the pictures; gender, sexuality, power and so on. This day I came across a website with amazing paintings on naked women. They are very photographic in their expression and show older naked women with picky and old bodies. The women radiate freedom and a feeling of fully accepting their bodies. They are painted completely without sexual undertones. Unfortunately, the female body is usually configured based on a male look, an object to value based on its beauty and ability to please. I do not know how to proceed with my project about bodies, maybe it will eventually be something else. Regardless of what I was immensely inspired by this talented painter named Aleah Chapin.

See her pictures here:

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